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The Cornerstone of Our Work

At Stewart Concrete Finishing Inc. and Acrylicon USA, you come first. We focus on  your complete satisfaction because your project is our next advertisement. Our commitment is to our customers, and our passion and dedication always results in quality work.

We want you to be proud to promote Stewart Concrete Finishing Inc. and Acrylicon USA. We only walk away when our customers are satisfied. To us, word-of-mouth is everything, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. At Stewart Concrete, We stay true to our values, so that you will be eager to work with us again. 99% of our customers are repeat loyal customers and most of our advertisement is done by word of mouth. 

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  • Polished
    Polished Concrete is industry proven hands down one of the most cost efficient floors. Lowest cost to maintain, used mostly in grocery stores, retail outlets, office floors, and basements. 
  • Acrylicon
    Acrylicon is the Industry leader in flooring systems. We are one of certified installers in the USA. This product is the top of the line in flooring solutions. It is Best floor in the world. 
  • Resurfacing
    Resurfacing would be considered when you are needing to brighten up that old dull concrete patio, pool deck or front porch.  

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  • Stamp
    Stamp is beautiful, less than cost of natural stone, durable, dependable, each stamp is unique to YOUR style and Raises your property value! Numerous stamp patterns to choose from and color combinations. 
  • Stain
    Stain works with your décor, what color fits your style? There are a million choices to choose from, we can help you design it. We specialize in logo’s, man caves, shops, salons, whatever fits your need we can help customize.  

Services Provided

  • EliteCrete
    We are certified installers for this company. They have the newest design and hottest look in overlay and reflective flooring.